Mary Engelhardt

At 19 years old, Mary found her calling in Nursing. However, she also loved (and still does) to sing and act. Entertainment superseded her passion for medicine for season of life. She likes to tell people she was on Friends (it’s true); but you have to look in the background.

 After moving to Las Vegas in 2001, her family began with her son, AJ followed by her daughter Myhre. Mary met her husband, Tom at church in 2009 and was married almost a year later to the date! Together they have a son, Ashton. Not to be forgotten, her four fur children include: two dogs: Ryno and Odie; and two cats: Taco and Bella. She enjoys singing with her husband and daughter at church for which he is a worship pastor.

Her nursing career began with two little ones in tow. Although a challenge, she graduated with honors. After being a registered nurse for three years in high risk and six years in labor and delivery, she desired more involvement in managing care of patients. She attended Frontier University, where she obtained a Master of Science in Nursing degree with focus on Advance Practice Nursing in Midwifery and Women’s Health.

Mary’s goal aligns with viewing provider-patient relationships as a core element of quality health care. She is here to guide, educate, and encourage patients to be their own advocate in health care decision making.